Bluestone: Committed to Science and Beer!

Bluestone is this year contributing to an exciting initiative from the people behind Science Made Beerable that’s running in conjunction with National Science Week.

The event sees three Australian independent breweries step into the “lab” to craft experimental beers that highlight brewing science.

As a sponsor of the event, each of the beers will be brewed using live, liquid yeast From Bluestone.

“Each brewery will brew a set of two beers that essentially have the same ingredients and conditions as one another… except for one key experimental difference,” says Kelsey Picard, event organiser.

“On the night of the event, the three brewers will join us in a panel discussion to delve into the science behind the beers, while we sip on the beers together.”

Organised by Science Made Beerable, the brainchild of scientists Kelsey Picard and Matthew Fielding, the event will feature beers from Range Brewing (QLD), Molly Rose Brewing (VIC) and Shambles Brewery (TAS).

“This year, punters can either join us directly in the “lab” as a live audience member, watch from home with their own exBEERimental 6-pack or attend one of our new official watch parties!” says Matthew.

The event, sponsored by Bluestone Yeast, Hop Products Australia, Voyager Craft Malt and Konvoy Kegs will be held at Shambles Brewery on Thursday 17th August 7 – 9.30 pm AEST and live-streamed across Australia. To find out more and to buy your 6-pack, check out the Science Made Beerable website:

National Science Week is Australia’s annual opportunity to meet scientists, discuss the hot topics, do science and celebrate its cultural and economic impact on society.

First held in 1997, National Science Week has become one of Australia’s largest festivals. Last year about 1.9 million people participated in more than 1600 events.

In 2023, National Science Week events will be held online and right throughout Australia—from a shark dissection in the Territory to beer science in Tassie, and from stargazing in outback WA to Antarctic science meets music in Sydney—with everything including science festivals, music and comedy shows, expert panel discussions, interactive displays, open days and online activities.

The festival is proudly supported by the Australian Government; partners CSIRO, the Australian Science Teachers Association and ABC Science.

National Science Week 2023 will run from 12-20 August. Event details can be found at

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