BSY Strain of the Month | March

This month we’re taking a look at our San Diego yeast strain, which is now also available as part of our homebrewer range.

As the days start to get a little shorter and the temperature starts to dip, it’s a good time to start banking some strong, and full-flavoured brews to warm you up through the colder months ahead.

Like its namesake, our San Diego strain is known for producing first-rate Imperial IPAs. With an alcohol tolerance of 12% it’ll easily brew up and over the 8% ABV you’ll want to achieve when brewing an Imperial.

It has a nice clean character that helps to bring hop character to the fore. While it performs well at standard ale temperatures, it’ll brew an exceptionally crisp beer when brewed between 14-16ºC.

This clean character means it’s also well suited to darker beers, such as porters and stouts, which celebrate rich malt character.

Our San Diego strain proved a good choice for Melbourne homebrewer Paul Verbeek whose Imperial Stout placed first in the strong beer category at the recent Melbourne Brewers Beerfest (with a score of 42.67/50).

He got in touch to let us know he attributed part of his success to the San Diego strain as his brew was only four months old when he entered it, which is relatively young for an Imperial Stout, and half of the recipe consisted of Coopers Stout extract.

Cheers to your win Paul and cheers to all those warming winter brews coming up!



Alc tolerance 12%
Attenuation 71-80%  

Great for 
Imperial IPA
Pale Ale 

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