BSY Strain of the Month | April

Looking ahead to the Australian International Beer awards in Late May, we thought it a good time to highlight our Pilsen strain, which Hop Nation used to take out the Best Pilsner category in 2021.

It was quite an achievement given that it was the first iteration of Hop Nation’s Rattenhund Pilsener, which benefitted from a long maturation time. The guys from Hop Nation put the brew down before Christmas and had it in the tank for over nine weeks before serving it up to the judges.

The 2021 awards were an enjoyable night out for the West Footscray brewery that also picked up Champion Victoria Brewery and Champion Medium Australian Brewery.

With winter on the way, now is a good time to start thinking about laying down a few lager-style beers. Our Pilsen strain combines good flocculation characteristics with low sulphur and low diacetyl for a crisp, dry finish. Clean fermentations produce amazing bock, helles, pilsner, dunkles, and just about any other lager style you throw its way.



Floc: medium
Alc tolerance 10%
Attenuation: 70 – 74%  

Great for 

  • Bock
  • Cold IPA
  • Lager
  • Munich Helles
  • Pilsner
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