BSY Strain of the Month | June

New England

As the name suggests, our brewers overwhelmingly turn to our New England strain when brewing a hazy. It has an ester profile that helps accentuate the flavours and aromas of modern hop varietals to provide that big, juicy flavour the NEIPA is known for. But it’s no one-trick-pony. With a heritage linking back to English breweries, it’s also ideal for Porters and ESBs and helps produce a rich and moreish mouthfeel.

New England is a lively strain and likes to move to the top during fermentation but be warned, it will climb out of the top of your fermenter if it’s too full!

We’ve slapped a 20% discount on all 120ml packs of live liquid yeast for the duration of June, so it’s a great time to pick up a pack of New England and put it to work in your next brew, whether that’s a hazy or something a little darker!

Vital Stats

Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 72-76%
Temp range: 18-23ºC
Stat1: Negative
Alc. Tolerance: 10%

Great for:
Hazy IPA
Pale Ale
English Bitter

Similar To
A38 Juice

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