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Packet of Bluestone Yeast Co. London strain of ale yeast


While the Brits can lay claim to many things of global acclaim – think the Beatles, Sir Patrick Stewart and Newton’s theory of relativity – warm beer is not one of them. Certainly not here in Australia, anyhow, where our warm sunny climes ratchet up the sort of thirst that only an ice-cold frothy can slake.

That said, once the seasons begin to turn and we retreat from the beaches to seek sanctuary before an open fire, a rich and malty porter served at an autumnal 12ºC becomes a lot more appealing.

So, if you’re thinking of brewing something with a little more body for the coming months, our London strain of ale yeast could be just the ticket.

Originating from a traditional London brewery, it has a wonderful malt and hop profile. It is a true top-cropping strain and provides delicate fruity esters and a light and softly-balanced palate. And, to help accentuate the character and mouthfeel of your malt, it’ll finish slightly sweet.

If you’d like to get hold of a 120ml home-brew pack and put our London strain to work in your next brew, you’ll find all that you need to know on our stockists page.


Flocculation: Very high
Alc tolerance: 9% ABV
Attenuation: 63-70%
Temp range: 16-23ºC
Sta1: Negative

Great for:
Hazy IPA
Pale Ale

Similar to:

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