20% Discount on all 120ml Yeast packs!

Throughout the month of June 20% has been shaved off the RRP of all 120ml packs of Bluestone live liquid yeast. Our retailers have applied the discount to all 120ml packs of Bluestone Yeast.

If you’ve never tried brewing with liquid yeast, now’s a great time to start. Enjoy higher strain purity, enhanced esters, higher flocculation and purer flavours and aromas. With over 200 billion yeast cells in each pack, Bluestone liquid yeast provides twice the punching power over the competition.

There are currently 10 yeast strains available. You can explore these at our homebrew pack strains page.

If you’re ready to buy now, visit out suppliers page to find out where to buy online or at a homebrew retail store near you.

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