Beer Trend Predictions for 2024

A big part of the appeal of craft breweries is that they’re agile, able to experiment with new styles and really set the agenda when it comes to emerging trends. And hopefully, despite some difficult trading conditions at present, craft breweries continue to push the boundaries and create brews that challenge and delight the Aussie palate.

So, with that said, here’s what we see unfolding in 2024, with a special shout out to some of our favourite drops.

Craft lager’s ascent is expected to persist, with certain brands outperforming predictions. For Victorians, my top craft lager picks include Hop Nation’s Rattenhund, Kaiju’s Cerveza, Stomping Ground’s Laneway Lager, and Fox Friday’s Lager—which is also available in Perth and Tasmania. Hobart residents, don’t miss Spotty Dog’s Pilsner; it’s exceptional. Elsewhere, Brisbane’s Range, Felons, and Valley Hops are crafting superb lagers and pilsners, while in New South Wales One Drop and White Bay are my go-to spots. For those venturing off the beaten path, Jindabyne Brewery and Broken Bay Brewery in Brookvale, New South Wales, offer great choices. And, in our Nation’s capital, you can’t go past Capital Brewing.

Another trend we’re eyeing—but could be off the mark—is the rise of craft non-alcoholic beers and breweries diversifying into seltzers and non-beer options. Moon Dog has paved the way here, and it’ll be fascinating to see who follows or if Hard Solo blows everyone out of the water. Fingers crossed we see craft tie down this category.

And our last prediction for 2024 is that we’ll see breweries creating more events around their breweries and in conjunction with industry partners. Not exactly a groundbreaking prediction given the current trading conditions where sales are stagnant, but those who innovate will likely see the most benefit–and I’m sure, have a good time along the way!

Cheers – Derek.

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