Winter is here!

Wow, we have reached the middle of the year already and winter has certainly come to Melbourne in force. The mornings are cold and misty, and we appear to be getting more drizzly days. It is weather like this that makes me contemplate moving to Qld! 

On the Plus side, this colder weather sends me out in search of darker beers to drink around a fire! In particular I look to some of my favourites, Hop Nation’s  The Kalash, Kaiju’s Cthulhu, and Boat Rocker’s RamJet. I actually just ordered a Jet pack of Ramjet (3 cans of their barrel aged stouts) and discovered on their website that it is RAMJET Day on Sat 20th of July!

So, if you are around Braeside in Victoria, make sure you head down to the brewery for some of the best imperial stout in the country. Another event I love (but missed out on this year) was the Darker days festival at Bright Brewery last weekend. I hear that Ben and the crew put on a truly awesome event again. 

There was some sad news this month that Range Brewing is closing their Melbourne Taproom. Don’t’ worry Range Brewing is still going strong up in Qld, but they have decided to close their taproom in Abbotsford down here. This was particularly sad for me, as it was a favourite meeting place of ours on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. This weekend, we went for one last time to enjoy the wonderful selection of beers crafted by Mitch and his team up at Newstead!

If you missed these events, don’t despair, you can head to GABS in Melbourne this weekend and have a great selection of beer! I will be wandering around, so if you see me, please say hello!

Some of you may have noticed that we have been making a few changes to our website. We are trying to integrate our production management software with an online ordering system. We are currently enabling ordering online by credit card and for approved customers we are allowing purchase using PO numbers.  So, if you would like your team to order online, please register here or reach out at

Homebrewers, remember to get in quick for our 20% off EOFY sale that is currently running with our retail partners. You can check out a full list of retailers hereIt might be time to brew a dark beer for winter and see how you compare with the professionals!!!

In Homebrew Club news, we are sponsoring a few homebrew competitions again this year. You will find a list of them below. We aim to build an expanding list of homebrew clubs and competitions over time. So, if your club would like to be listed or your club is running a competition please let us know by dropping us a message at

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