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Derek, Yusuf and Yee Jin will be attending Brewcon, which is being held on the Gold Coast this year. They’ll be at stand 31, so, if you’re attending be sure to drop by to learn about new developments at Bluestone, and chat about all things yeast.

You’ll also be able to check out a couple of our newest products: our Clean Repitching System and our Aseptic Transfer System. You’ll also be able to enter a draw to win a Clean Repitching System. This prize includes our specially designed connector hose and 10 cubitainers. You can learn more about the system on our Clean Repitch System page.

Derek is giving a talk about how yeast affects Hazy beers on Tuesday at midday. So, be sure to check that out if you’re there.

Winter is here!

Colder weather definitely sends out in search of darker beers. This weekend, we went for one last time to enjoy the wonderful selection of beers crafted by Mitch and his team up at Newstead!

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