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  • Flocculation:
  • Very High
  • Attenuation:
  • 73-83%
  • Temp range:
  • 26-38°C
  • Sta1:
  • Negative
  • Alc Tolerance
  • 12%
  • IPA
  • Kveik Style Ale
  • Porter
  • Sigmond Voss, WLP4045

Named after the region in Norway where Lars Marius Garshol isolated a number of traditional yeast strains. Bergen is traditionally used in the production of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale, this strain is a fast fermenter with good attenuation, a light earthy spiciness, marked tartness and unique ester profile of orange peel. This strain is prone to forming incredibly large flocs unlike any other yeast we’ve seen before, yet still remains highly attenuative. Bergen also exhibits the ability to ferment wort over a large temperature range, 21–37 ºC. At the cooler end of the range Bergen is clean; producing little to no esters and phenols. But builds a huge fruit ester profile as the temperature increases.

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